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Study: "On-off" switch controls immune system's response to viruses (Asbury Park Press)
Amolecular "on/off" switch that controls immune system response to viruses has been identified by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Immune System Cells Linked To Heart Failure (Science Daily)
A study in mice shows the immune system and, more specifically, cells recruited from it are key players in the muscle dysfunction that results in some forms of heart failure.

Wicked Helpers - Cells Of The Immune System Foster Growth Of Glioblastoma (Medical News Today)
The immune system not only recognizes and attacks exogenous organisms like bacteria and viruses but also prevents the body from risks arising from aberrations of its own cells like tumor growth. [click link for full article]

Tuberculosis Bacillus Hides From The Immune System In Its Host's Fat Cells (Medical News Today)
A team from the Institut Pasteur has recently shown that the tuberculosis bacillus hides from the immune system in its host's fat cells. This formidable pathogen is protected against even the most powerful antibiotics in these cells, in which it may remain dormant for years. This discovery, published in PLoS ONE, sheds new light on possible strategies for fighting tuberculosis. [click link for ...

T For Two: Scientists Show How Immune System Chooses Best Way To Fight Infection (Science Daily)
A new study has suggested a novel way of combating diseases related to the immune system, including cancer and autoimmune diseases such as type I diabetes and arthritis. The study, funded by the Wellcome Trust, appears online in the journal Nature.