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How Well Is YOUR Immune System Operating?

Our incredible immune system. It not only protects us, it determines whether we live a life that is riddled with sickeness and disease or one that is healthy and vibrant.

And the overall concensus is...

For the most part, we consume a cooked and processed food diet high in fats and too many undigested proteins. Not to mention the fact that our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins, bacteria, viruses, and environmental pollutants on an almost day-to-day basis.

Needless to say, this type of onslaught can take a tremendous toll on human health. The result? Some scientists estimate that our immune systems are functioning at a mere 25% of their total capacity.

On top of that, studies in South Africa show that the worldís population is severely deficient in vital nutrients (sterols and glucosides) that are required to activate crucial parts of immune system cell functioning.

The fact is, the sterols and sterolins found present in all foods and plants are destroyed during the cooking and processing of foods. That leaves only two alternative sources for these vital nutrients... vitamin supplementation sources or the consumption raw plants.

Unfortunately in full grown plants the sterol content is locked into the fiber. Thatís why we don't digest it. And that's why our diets are so deficient in these vital nutrients.

"Sterols and glucosides" are the needed nutrients to activate most of the immune systemís T-cell enzymatic communication. This in turn allows your body's T-cells and other immune system cells to communicate with one another more efficiently.

And that's why we use the sprouts of various seeds... because they contain higher sterols and glucosides than whole, high-fiber foods in general (broccoli, cabbage, carrots, etc.).

The Immune System And Its Dependence On
Sterols And Sterolins From Nature

Chronic viral diseases: such as HIV infection where it is known that the immune suppression is due to the body's immune system failing to make sufficient lymphokines which stimulate the activity of cytotoxic T Cells (hence chronic infection) and also the T Cells fail to divide in response to the invading virus or other opportunistic organisms.

Our immune system is made up of several cells and the factors which they secrete in response to an invading offender. On one hand we have cells called B-lymphocytes which make proteins (antibodies) which bind to and inactivate the organism only if the organism is on the outside of the host's cells (for example, a bacterium).

Once the organism has been internalized, it is inaccessible to the action of the antibodies. This was a ploy developed by micro-organisms in order to evade the immune system.

On the other hand, the T Cells are specialized cells which fight off offenders which live inside the host's cells (eg. viruses, certain bacteria,etc). The T Cells secrete soluble factors which enhance the functions of specialized cytotoxic cells which kill off the infected cells.

Sterols and sterolins have been shown to modulate the functions of the T Cells by enhancing their cellular division and their secretion of these important soluble factors (lymphokines). Also, the activity of the cytotoxic cells is greatly promoted in the presence of the sterols/sterolins mixture. These activites are of utmost importance in fighting off viral diseases or diseases involving bacteria which live inside cells.

The Statistics Are Staggering...
  • AIDS has killed 22 million people - our brothers and sisters, mothers and children, uncles and friends.

  • In the United States, AIDS-HIV related death has the greatest impact on young and middle-aged adults, particularly racial and ethnic minorities. In 1999, HIV was the fifth leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 25 and 44.

  • World Bank plans to devote up to $150 Million to fight HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean.

  • More than two thirds of the people who die from AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • People with AIDS-HIV: 29.4 million, New HIV cases in 2002: 3.5 million, Deaths from AIDS in 2002: 2.4 million, Children (under 15) with AIDS by end of 2002: 2.8 million.
In light of those facts, our mission is simple... to provide alternative clinical and prevention programs in the fight against the world's pandemic spread of HIV/AIDS and other viral diseases.

Sterol MaxTM is effective in the fight against...

HIV/AIDS, SARS, West Nile Virus, Cancer (breast, colon, prostate) Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hepatitis C, BPH, (enlarged prostate) Lupus, Allergies, Psoriasis, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bronchitis, Fibromyalgia, and Crohn's Disease.

Since Sterol MaxTM stimulates both the proliferation of lymphocytes (when these have to respond to organisms as well as the secretion of lymphokines in these diseases), the individuals would find that their immune system would cope with the onslaught by the invading organism and that there would not be destruction of the immune cells which normally accompanies infection by HIV.

Sterol MaxTM... Boosts Your Immune System's
Response To Viral Diseases And Infections

Taking Sterol MaxTM - with its proprietary formulation of sprouts sterols and glucosides - will increase the immune systemís functioning to its fullest and optimal capability of protecting and regenerating the body.

Plus, the organic sterol ingredients have been shown to greatly enhance the immune systemís ability to produce and regulate T-cell activity (T-cells are the cells the immune system produces to destroy developing cancerous and carcinogenetic cells in the body.)

Sterol MaxTM is made of the finest natural organic sprouts available, ones that produce the highest amounts of sterols possible. And in order to preserve and maintain the active glycoside molecule that is so essential for immune System functioning, the sprouts are air dried using a patented and proprietary process rather than chemically treated or flash frozen processes.

Bar none, Sterol MaxTM has the highest concentration ratios of sterols to glycoside of any sterol product on the market today!

Start improving your own health right now!

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